What is Entropy?

Every drop of your daily beverage made better for you.

This is why we invented Entropy.

A world’s first anti-oxidizing energy enhancement technology embodied in an easy-to-use home appliance.

This technology can instantly make your daily beverages:

  • Anti-oxidized
  • Metabolically energizing
  • Taste-enhanced

The Benefits

Shut Down Free Radicals

Research has shown that one of the main reasons for aging and diseases such as cancer is due to excessive free radicals in our body. Free radicals are unstable compounds that can damage the cells and DNA in your body, thereby potentially causing problems such as skin damage or increasing risks for chronic diseases. Many medical and scientific articles suggested that one solution to shut down free radicals is consuming antioxidant-rich foods. Entropy can create measurable antioxidants in your beverages without using chemicals to shut down free radicals, thus protecting your cells and DNA.

Fat Burning

Entropy supercharges your metabolism, promotes fat burn and better cholesterol levels. With Entropy treated beverages, it can elevate body energy level even at rest. This promotes fat burn metabolism and can be scientifically measured by the Lumen CO2 meter. When the body is at an elevated energy level, the fat burn metabolism can also improve the blood lipid distribution profile. This means less bad cholesterol known as low-density lipoprotein and more good cholesterol known as high-density lipoprotein.


In the making process of alcoholic beverages such as wines or whiskies or high alcoholic content distillates, they are aged for several years in barrels or casks to achieve their richflavored and characteristically-smooth tastes. This ageing will allow for polymerization of the alcohol molecules with other compounds such as polyphenol, tannins, flavonoids and etc. By treating these beverages with Entropy, the elevated energy state will accelerate this polymerization and cause this effect to occur within minutes and not years. This leaves behind smoother-tasting wines and whiskies that do not cause harsh burning sensations in your throat.

Reduces Alcohol Harm

Research has shown that one of the main reasons for aging and diseases such as cancer is due to excessive free radicals in our body. In alcohol metabolism, our livers will work to convert alcohol first to a mildly toxic compound called acetaldehyde with the help of enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase. This compound causes headaches and hangovers in mild cases, while in serious cases, it could cause fatty liver disease and cirrhosis. Subsequently, with the help of enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase, the liver will convert the mildly toxic acetaldehyde to non-toxic acetic acid We want to avoid the build-up of toxic acetaldehyde by converting it more efficiently to acetic acid. This can be done by Entropy-supplied metabolic energy simply by treating your alcoholic beverages with Entropy before consumption

Reduces Fructose Harm

Today major sources of fructose include sugary drinks with high-fructose corn syrup or pure fruit juices. Fructose in excess cannot be converted into glucose to be used as energy for our body cells. This excess fructose will spillover to our livers and get processed there like “toxins” This can easily lead to nonalcoholic fatty liver, gout, insulin resistance and inflammation. Entropy will supply the antioxidants and metabolic energy necessary to mitigate the risk factors that trigger harmful effects from fructose metabolism

Increase Metabolic Energy

A healthy person usually does not fall sick easily due to the availability of sufficient nutrients and elevated metabolic body energy to kill all the intruding viruses within the shortest time before they multiply. Entropy supplies the metabolic energy through the Entropy-waved beverages to supplement the extra energy needed by the human body.


We gave Entropy to people who suffered from various conditions to try it out. Here is what they say.

Karen P

from London

“After 2 months of Entropy, my fingertip skin-peeling issue and mild finger joint pains are gone! I had learnt to live with it - mild pain in my finger joints whenever I applied any form of pressure on them. I came to understand that it is actually a type of mild arthritis but now all gone with Entropy.”

Dr. Ken, Canada

C.E.O. at ACER Media

“I had been diabetic for the last 22 years and in those years, I had tried ways in diet, medication and exercise in order to control my conditions. Ever since I tried Entropy, my blood gluclose reading and hemaglobin A1C reading have been consistently lower than diabetic levels......”

Kevin S and Alex L

from Singapore

“We used to feel irritation in our eyes when our eyes were exposed to unknown contaminants. With Entropy, we now have a handy solution; anytime we encounter redness or irritation in our eyes we wash with Entropy water, no more red and irritated eyes within less than 30 minutes.”

Enhances the taste of your beverages

Entropy does not just enhance your beverages’ antioxidants and metabolic energy.

It also makes them taste better by stripping away undesirable tastes such as astringency with younger wines or liquors or burning sensation felt in your throat with younger whisky.


Healthier customers mean happier customers

Spas / Wellness / Salons

True pampering only begins when you start from within the body. Entropy provides the antioxidants that protect your body cells from being damaged, and also the metabolic energy to rejuvenate and repair them.

All of these served within Entropy-waved beverages.

Bars / Lounges / Clubs

Prepare to treat your customers to antioxidised energy-infused great tasting whiskies, liqueurs or cocktails at premium prices for great customer satisfaction because no one else can offer this.

Great Unique Selling Point!

Gyms / Fitness Studios

Entropy's metabolic energy can aid recovery from a strenuous workout and can ease inflammation in muscles. Your clients will feel the difference in the body and you will feel the difference in their loyalty.

Give your customers more!


Imagine being the only restaurant in town to serve antioxidants-infused beverages that are charged up with metabolic energy boosting immunity, reducing harmful effects of alcohol & minimising metabolic conditions.

Need we say more?!

Join 17.000+ people who have already bought Entropy!

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